The organization shall be known as Duval Art Teachers Association. It is classified as a Not For Profit Organization, 501 (c)(3).

The principle office of this organization shall be located at 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, Florida or at such other place as the organization designates.


  • To promote and maintain the highest quality of art education
  • To strengthen the position of art education and the importance of art in Duval County and the surrounding community
  • To support and provide programs in art that meets the needs, interest, and abilities of both teachers and students
  • To encourage growth of the Art Profession
  • To integrate our philosophy and purpose within FAEA and NAEA
  • To provide opportunities where members can interact and share art experiences, lesson plans, and technical processes


Membership shall be open to individuals professionally engaged in activities concerned with art education. Other classes of membership may be created by the Executive Board (such as lifetime membership).


Section 1:  The Executive Board shall be comprised of the immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2: The Extended Board shall be comprised of the Historian, Newsletter Editor, and Division Chairs: Elementary, Middle, and Secondary, and appointed officers.

Section 3: The following officers shall perform the duties prescribed by this constitution and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Association for a term of two years.

Section 4:  Elective Officers and Duties


Past President:  It shall be the duty of the Past President to act in a support capacity for the President and to chair the “Flamingo Fete” fundraiser.

President: It shall be the duty of the president to act as chief executive officer responsible for all affairs, operation, and management of the Association.  The President shall preside at all meeting of the Association, prepare the agenda for the meetings, represent the interest of the DATA membership, delegate any duties as deemed appropriate, propose the annual budget, approve expenditures, and be a delegate to meetings/conferences.

President-Elect: It shall be the duty of the President-elect to preside at meetings in the absence of the President, to assist and perform duties as directed by the President, and to assume the duties of the President in the event of a vacancy of that office.  The President-elect shall advance to the office of President the succeeding term.  The President-elect shall chair DATA Fall and Spring art exhibitions and assist in the coordination of programming including general meetings and workshops.

Secretary:  It shall be the duty of the secretary to oversee all records and documentation.  The secretary keeps minutes of each meeting, presents the minutes for approval at each succeeding meetings, composes all correspondence of the Association (meeting notices, membership notices, thank you notes, etc), keeps an updated membership list, and compiles and distributes notices via email.

Treasurer:  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to be the chief financial officer of the organization.  The Treasurer is responsible for keeping and maintaining all financial records accurately, receive and account for the funds of the organization, notify members of payment of dues received by insuring membership card for the year, disburse funds for approved items, pay bills produce and submit a monthly finance report, prepare all tax forms and financial reports as required, and compile a current membership list from paid dues.


Historian:  It shall be the duty of the Historian to document all activities of the Association by keeping copies, photographs and records of all publicity and activities of the Association.  The Historian should photograph all DATA functions, organize a scrapbook of the year’s events, display photographs and scrapbook, and submit photos to media and newsletter chair when applicable.

Newsletter Editor:  It is the duty of the Newsletter chairman to produce and distribute a periodic newsletter to all Associations members, sponsors, superintendents, and other interested individuals.  The newsletter will be sent through school main, regular mail, or email.  Newsletter should include division reports, messages from board members, pertinent dates, contest and shows, conference information, scholarship and workshop opportunities, professional and person highlights and congrats.

Division Chairs:  It is the duty o the division chairs to act as a liaison between the executive boards the respective divisions by reporting concerns and pertinent information.  The Division Chairs shall provide leadership and resources to their respective division and organize a workshop or professional development event or their division.  They should periodically provide updates or articles for the newsletter.


Private School Liaison: It shall be the duty of the Private school Liaison to provide the Board with names of private school art educators, to encourage Association membership from these teachers, and to insure that private school members are notified of Association activities.

Museum Representative:  It shall be the duty of the Museum representative to act as a liaison between the Association and Museum organizations and o insure that members are notified of Museum programs and workshops.

Retired Division Chair:  It shall be the duty of the Retired Division Chair to represent and act as a liaison between the Association and the retired educators group and to encourage Association membership from this group.

Duval Teachers United Representative:  It shall be the duty of the DTU Representative to communicate information from DTU that would be pertinent to DATA.

Higher Ed Division Chair:  It is the duty of the Higher Ed Division Chair to act as a liaison between the Association and Higher Education.

Community-at Large Representative:  It is the duty of the Community-at Large Representative to act as a liaison between the Association and the community.

District Resource Representative:  It shall be the duty of the District Representative to act as a liaison between the Association and the school board.

Grant Selection Committee: It shall be the duty of the Grant Selection Committee to determine eligibility of applicants for the Leslie Beddard Scholarships.  The Grant Committee is appointed by the President on a yearly basis and shall be composed of elected and appointed officers of the Association.  The Grant committee will not include member of the Association requesting grant for that year.

Section 5:  Terms of Office – The terms of Executive and Extended Board office shall be for two school years.  Appointed office shall be for one school year commencing at the beginning of the school year in August.

Section 6:  Vacancy of Office – In the event any officer resigns, or is unwilling, or unable to serve for a prolonged period of time, a new officer will be elected to complete the term, under the same procedure as Article V for election of Officers. The President may appoint a replacement person for that office until the next election. Exception to this vacancy ruling: The President Elect position shall be appointed by the President with board approval.


Section 1: Time and Method of Nominating – Nominations shall be made by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will present a slate of nominations at the beginning of the school year for consideration. Nominations taken from the floor in August (pre-planning meeting) will be accepted, provided that the nominee is a member in good standing and will accept the nomination.

Section 2: Time and Method of Election – Elections will be held at the first meeting (pre-planning) at the beginning of the school year by secret ballots.

Section 3: Vote Necessary to Elect – A majority of the members present.


Section 1: Regular Meetings – General meetings of the Association shall be held periodically during the school year. Pre-planning in August is our first official meeting of the year. The “End of Year Meeting” luncheon is held on the day after the last Post-Planning day.

Section 2: Board Meetings – Board Meetings will be held periodically during the school year.

Section 3: Special Meetings – Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President.  Advance notice of the date, time, and location of the meeting will be sent by email.

Section 4: Time/Date/Place of Regular, Board, and Special Meetings – Time, date, and locations of all meetings will be sent by the board members.  All members will be notified of meetings through email and newsletter in a timely fashion.


Section 1:  Annual dues – Association dues shall be determined by the Executive Board.  Membership is valid for the current school year. The cost of Membership is discounted if paid on the first Pre-Planning meeting. Full cost of membership is required for the remainder of the year. No pro-rated price is available. Membership cards represent receipt for dues.

Section 2: Annual Fundraiser – An Annual Fundraiser (called Flamingo Fete) shall be determined by the Executive Board. Past President will oversee the Annual Fundraiser. Artwork created by Association members for this event will be auctioned off in a Silent Auction. A live auction consisting of art donations from local area artist will be held in conjunction with the Silent Auction.  Net proceeds from this Event will be deposited in the Leslie Beddard Scholarship Fund to be used for Professional Art Grants for teachers.  Other fundraiser events shall be determined and profiled by the President during the school year.  All proceeds from these sales will be retained by the Association.

Section 3: Donations and Sponsorships – Donations and Sponsorship gifts for fundraising Events shall be accepted anytime during the school year.

Section 4: Art Exhibition Fees – Will be determined by the Executive Board

Section 5:Workshop Fees – A workshop fee may be accessed to cover Artist fees or charges for certain Workshops sponsored by the DATA.

Section 6:  Leslie Beddard Grants: Scholarship grants are offered only to members of the Association for Professional Development.  All members are eligible including Appointed and Elected officers.  Any member requesting a grant for the year cannot be on the Grant Selection Committee.  Grant guide lines will be determined by the Executive Board.


Majority is defined as one vote over half the members in attendance at any meeting that has been announced to its members 15 days in advance.  Quorum for board meetings shall be 50% or more of the elected board members.


Robert’s Rule of Order, Newly revised, shall be the authority on all questions of procedure not otherwise covered in the constitution.


Section 1: Notice – Copies of all proposed amendments to the constitution must be sent to all members of the Association at least ten days in advance of the meeting at which the vote for approval will be taken.

Section 2: Adoption – Amendments shall be adopted by a majority of members voting.


Newsletters, emails, web site, and general meetings shall be our means of communication.


This Association may be dissolved only pursuant to the agreement of the Executive Board.  Upon dissolution of the Association assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(C) (3) of the IRS code or the corresponding provision o any future federal tax code, federal government, state or local government for the public purpose.  No part of the net income assets shall ever inure to the benefit of any officers or members of the association or any private individual.


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